ApoB Calculator

ApoB is a better predictor of cardiovascular disease than other measures of serum lipids. See Boren and Williams (2016), Sniderman et al (2021), and Walldius et al (2001). Unfortunately, most US providers do not routinely measure apoB levels. However, an estimated apoB concentration can be calculated from total cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, and total triglycerides which are typically measured in the US. The calculator below implements the formulas of Hwang et al to estimate apoB concentrations in mg/dl. Just enter the values below in mg/dl and press the calulator button to get the estimated apoB value. While there are some differences on what level of apoB to strive for, most suggest <80mg/dl. However, some doctors such as Peter Libby and Peter Attia aim for apoB levels <30mg/dl.

This calculator was developed with the help of ChatGPT.