Title: Expasy Proteomics Tools


URL http://ca.expasy.org/tools/


Description: This site provides a collection of tools that help to identify, characterize, and analyze protein when the user has different kinds of information on the protein. For example, you can identify a protein based on amino acid composition, isoelectric point, and MS/MS data. There are tools to translate DNA sequence to protein sequence, predict MW or pI of a protein, do BLAST, align sequences, and predict post translational modification.


Strengths: Expasy Proteomics Tools provide much of the tools you would need to analyze or identify a protein, making it convenient to come to only one website instead of having to go to different ones for different kinds of analysis.


Weaknesses: It will be nice to have links to search for interaction partners of proteins of interest or pathways that the proteins of interest are in.


Comprehensiveness: Contains large number of tools covering many aspects of protein analysis and prediction.


Timeliness: Depends on which tool you are using. Many of the tools are just links of other websites, which could be slow.


Ease of use: Easy to navigate the site to find different tools since there are big categories (like DNA Protein, Secondary Structure Prediction) to direct you.


Responsiveness: Quick


Similar/ Related Sites: ExPASy Proteomics Server, SCSD Biology Workbench, ABIM Online Analysis Tool


Overall Evaluation: 4


Reviewer: Warangkhana Songsungthong


Email: warangkhana.songsungthong@Tufts.edu