Review of Bioinformatic Harvester

Title: bioinformatics harvester


Date Reviewed: May 4, 2006

Description: A very useful website for comprehensive information about human, mouse and rat proteins.

Strengths: It has lots of links, and they present anywhere in the page, so you may go to any links during the viewing. You may search for any piece of information you have, like gene symbol, ID, chromosome position, Information about a protein is comprehensive. There are search results for common protein analysis tools, such as transmeberane domain analysis result from SOSUI, subcellular location form PSORT II, protein interaction map from STRING, The site also allows you add comments.

Weaknesses: a little bit disorganized.

Comprehensiveness: very comprehensive

Timeliness: updated in monthly bases. There are news very month. It is maintained by a Ph.D level person. His contact info is published on the site.

Ease of Use: very easy

Responsiveness: very quick

Similar or Related Sites: human protein reference database

Overall Evaluation: 5 stars

Reviewer: Lan Wei


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