Review of GXD

Title: Gene Expression Database (GXD)




Date Reviewed: May 20,2001


Description: GXD is a database for storing mouse gene expression data. The query to the database is free. It also provides links to other relevant resources placing this expression information within a larger biological and analytical context.


Strengths: It is a good source to find EST by different kinds of querying requirements such as tissue, chromosome location, age, and strains. It will save researchers a lot of time to find his/her favorite EST.


Weaknesses: GXD includes a data set of RT-PCR data reporting expression data for 517 genes, it is not comprehensive. The interface of the query form looks complicated and not friendly for users.


Comprehensiveness: The database may mainly focus on the gene expression data on mouse development. It is not a good place to find gene expression information except development.




Ease of Use: the interface is not friendly for users.


Responsiveness: good


Similar or Related Sites:

Overall Evaluation: ***

Reviewer: Jin Li