Title: The World Famous PCR Jump Station


Date Reviewed: 06/05/2002

Description: This is a website that is a composite of links to other sites which have products for all aspects of PCR. Most of these other sites our companies that describe their new products that help improve the PCR and RT-PCR reactions, and the links usually lead to the protocol page for that product.

Strengths: If you are looking for new products available out there, this is a good place for you, since it links you directly to the company website where you can try out and directly purchase their advertised products.

Weaknesses: This website seems a little bit like a marketing gimmick, which compiles all PCR products available from all the different companies. The information provided by the companies tries to sell you their product, and does not really help you deal with the product you already have.

Comprehensiveness: Lots of different products and different companies are represented

Timeliness: The site seems a bit outdated, with some company links no longer functioning.

Ease of Use: There are  too many advertisements that seem to clutter the space and your attention.

Responsiveness: At different points in the day the website was unusable due to being so slow. The links were also not all functional.

Similar or Related Sites: Gene Quantification & real-time PCR or kinetic RT-PCR

Overall Evaluation: ** 2 stars

Reviewer: Tatyana Vorobyova