Review of Rat Genome Database (RGD)



Title:  Rat Genome Database (RGD)




Date Reviewed: 5-18-2002



The Rat Genome Database has information about rat genes and is trying to sequence the rat genome. It has an special emphasis in mapping positions for quantitative trait loci, mutations and other phenotypic data.


Strengths: It integrates very well the available information about the rat genome. The homology maps (VCM) are a good asset. The forum is going to be used more and more as people use this site more. It links very nicely to AMIGO, the gene ontology database.


Weaknesses: It is not a finished project. There is a lack of coordination due to the little information available. It is difficult to get a sequence from the web page. You can only get sequences going through Locus Link.


Comprehensiveness: It is fairly comprehensive.


Timeliness: The pages seem to be updated continuously.


Ease of use: It is easy to use.


Responsiveness: The web pages load fast.


Similar or Related Sites: RATMAP


Overall Evaluation: I will give it 3 stars, but basically because it is unfinished. It will be interesting to reevaluate it once the project is completed and see if they were able to achieve their goals. It looks like a promising page.



Reviewer: Pollyanna Chavez