Review of SCSD Biology Workbench

Title: SDSC Biology workbench

Date Reviewed: 5/21/01

Description: SCSD workbench is a centralized sequence analysis platform which allows analysis of protein and DNA sequences through many different programs including alignment, structure prediction, Blast type searches, profiling, and primer generation.

Strengths: Once sequences are entered, they can be edited and saved for later use whenever site is logged onto.  Sequences do not need to be converted between formats once entered into the site, and edited sequences are easily added to the analysis pool.  The interface is very simple and easy to navigate.  Results from pattern searches give good feedback on relevance of matched patterns.

Weaknesses:  Converting between protein and DNA sessions can be irritating if analyzing both.  There is no repository for the analysis results in the site.

Comprehensiveness:  This site allows almost every type of sequence analysis available with no fussing with formats and file configurations

Timeliness: very fast

Ease of Use: very simple and self-explanatory

Responsiveness: Very fast

Similar or Related Sites: Curatools

Overall Evaluation:  5 stars

Reviewer: K. Rockwell