Review of SPAD

Title: The Signaling PAthway Database (SPAD)


Date Reviewed: May 20, 20002

Description: The SPAD website describes itself as The Signaling PAthway Database (SPAD) is an integrated database for genetic information and signal transduction systems.

Strengths: The factors in the maps are clickable, allowing the user to obtain additional information about each factor.

Weaknesses: This page is currently incomplete. There are many pathways that are not yet available. It appears that the site has not been updated in 3 and half years. Many of the links for additional information are slow to load. The maps are not as visually pleasing as they could be.

Comprehensiveness: The site is not comprehensive.

Timeliness: It has not been updated in years.

Ease of Use: The page is well organized and easy to navigate.

Responsiveness: Some of the links take a considerable amount of time to load.

Similar or Related Sites: Biocarta

Overall Evaluation: 1

Reviewer: Jessica Passeggio