Review of STRC Biocomputation Group

Title: STRC Biocomputation Group


Date Reviewed:  5/21/02

Description:  This site details the modeled gene pathways specifying endomesoderm in Sea Urchin.  It provides links to the Sea Urchin Genome database, knockout data for various Sea Urchin genes in the endomesoderm and the effects of those knockouts on other genes, and complex models based on circuit theory that attempts to explain temporal and concentration-specific effects. 

Strengths:  Access to the NetBuilder software system.  This is a program that takes data concerning biological pathways and creates a circuit-like model describing the system.

Weaknesses:  Shows examples of pathway maps only for one specific case.  Data is only available for Sea Urchin endomesoderm gene expression.

Comprehensiveness:  Completely covers the field of endomesoderm gene regulation and pathways as elucidated in sea urchin.  The site doesn't link any examples of NetBuilder used in other pathways. 

Timeliness:  Somewhat out of data.  Several broken links.

Ease of Use:  Fairly easy and straightforward.

Responsiveness:  Quick, no lags.

Similar or Related Sites:   NetBuilder homepage

Overall Evaluation: 3.5 stars

Reviewer:  Craig Thalhauser