1) Title: Sacch 3D - Structural information for yeast proteins ( an extension of the Saccharomyces Genome Database)
     URL: http://genome-www.stanford.edu/Sacch3D/
     Date Reviewed: 5/8/00
     Description: The program contains a collection of currently available structural information for yeast proteins in the yeast genome.
                        It performs search on structure for a protein of interest using different searching engines and gathers structural
                        information on related proteins of known structure.
     Strengths:  1) flexible search features.  Search protein structure by a gene name, a specific peptide, nucleotide sequences, domain
                         classification or chromosome.
                      2) Comprehensive blast reports against PDB, genebank and EST databases for getting structural information on proteins
                          with sequence similarity to other proteins of known structure.
     Weaknesses: 1) certain blast reports are out of date.  The oldest ones are dated back in 1997.
                         2) No information on protein homologs in different species.  Hard to relate and compare structures among proteins
                             for a better understanding of their functions.
                         3) No links to papers in which structural information of certain proteins was described.
     Comprehensiveness: very comprehensive
     Timeliness: relatively up to date but not quite
     Ease of use: user friendly
     Responsiveness: Fast
     Similar or related sites: Swiss-model Homology modelling
     Overall rating: three stars