Review of The Tumor Gene Database

Title:  The Tumor Gene Database


Date Reviewed: 5/31/01

Description:  This site allows you to find out a great deal of information about tumor genes.  Once input, the system rapidly delivers a great deal of literature about the gene of interest.

Strengths:  Very large amount of information divided into categories such as gene expression, clinical information, function, distribution, regulation and protein interactors.  All information is given in the form of citations.  It also has links to the OMIM and GeneCards for the gene of interest.

Weaknesses:  The site itself does not give a summary of known information, but it gives links to websites that do contain the information.

Comprehensiveness:  The literature it presents seems to be extensive.  I cannot say too much myself as I am not in the field but it certainly would providea good starting point to learn about the gene.  I’m also not sure how comprehensive it is in its coverage of total genes in cancer. The database contains over 2600 facts on over 300 genes.

Timeliness:  Searches were very rapid.  Citations were at least through the year 2000.

Ease of Use:  Type in the gene name and you get the information.  Most of the citations have links to the PubMed entry.

Responsiveness:  Very rapid.

Similar or Related Sites: GeneCards and Omim entries have similar info and are linked on the site.

Overall Evaluation: 1 to 5 stars: 4.5 stars.  I’m not sure how comprehensive it is compared to the literature.  As I saidbefore, definitely a good starting place to get information about a gene of interest.

Reviewer:  John Beaber