Review of Abcam

Title:Abcam - the world's antibody gateway


Date Reviewed: 5/21/2002

Description: This site provides a searchable database of antibodies to the target of interest.  The search is networked to other antibody-producing companies to allow to search their catalogs as well.  The site is frequently updated and is geared to keeping the researchers informed about new products in their field of interest.

Strengths: The database is searchable by different categories, like antigen, host, type of antibody, application, ect.  Links to relative and background information are provided.  Also, it allows to create a personalized account (instantaneously) and based on its information (proteins of interest, areas of study), gives recent relevant highlights each time one logs in (similar to and sends e-mail updates.

Weaknesses: Search does not cross-reference if a protein has several different names.

Comprehensiveness: The site is very well organized and easy to follow

Timeliness: Excellent, the searches are fast.

Ease of Use: Excellent

Responsiveness: Good

Similar or Related Sites: BioSuppluNet

Overall Evaluation: 5

Reviewer: Yelena Kleyner