The e-motif database

Title: The e-motif database of the Brutlag Bioinformatics group at Stanford


Date Reviewed: 5/8/00

Description: Protein fingerprints are groups of motifs that are shared by members of a family.  These are generated by computer analysis of multiple sequence alignments and can provide information about the biological properties and function of the protein. The e-motif database can scan input sequences to detect the presence of known protein motifs and also to define novel motifs shared by a group of aligned sequences (see example)

Can recognize novel motifs and also scan GenBank to identify novel family members.  Powerful engine, can accept multiple input sequences simultaneously

Not much information about the motifs themselves

Very comprehensive
Over 50,000 motifs represented

Good- search results are usually obtained within 1 minute

Ease of Use:
 Quite easy to use- not as good interface as PRINTS

Did not test

Similar or Related sites:
PRINTS database
Protein families database (PFAM) at WUSTL

Overall Rating: 1 to 5 stars:
4.0 = very good