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Title: Scansite

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Description: Scansite searches for motifs within proteins that are likely to be phosphorylated by specific protein kinases or bind to domains such as SH2 domains, 14-3-3 domains or PDZ domains.

Optimal phosphorylation sites for particular protein Ser/Thr kinases or protein-Tyr kinases can be identified as well as

optimal binding sites for SH2 domains, PDZ domains, 14-3-3 domains and other domains. A single protein can be scanned for potential motif (54 are available).


This site is very easy to use and allows for evaluation of your protein under different levels of stringency. Analysis of a sample protein identified several sites of phosphorylation that were confirmed by previous biochemical data. Access to further motif information was easily linked. An option to examine your aa composition of your protein was useful in identifying putative phosphorylation sites and the surrounding aa composition. Easy to use and understand.

Weaknesses: This site was not very comprehensive and seems that everything could be done on a site like PRINTS. Had trouble accessing link often and had to try multiple times. Provided no links to similar sites.

Comprehensiveness: see above

Timeliness: when I got a link, it was timely.... But see above.

Ease of Use:

easy to use, organized fairly well.

Responsiveness: hit or miss

Similar or Related Sites:

Overall Evaluation: 1 to 5 stars


Reviewer: Neal Golden